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The team at Tourmaline Enterprises has over 50 years of industry experience in inkjet technology. Coding and marking applications by Tourmaline Enterprises vary widely, ranging from fruit, food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging, to lumber coding and marking, as well as direct product marking and custom robotics. The company's systems are innovative, sleek and superbly designed in their standard configuration, yet also customizable when a job demands additional options.

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QuiCode E100


- 5" LCD touch screen
- Variable barcode printing supported
- Built-in product sensor
- Database support

QuiCode E200


- 7" LCD Touch Screen
- Print height up to 1"
- Stand alone printeheads
- External data source connection

QuiCode E600


- 7" LCD touch screen
- Independent print heads
- 3" max printable height
- Database support