Established in 2005, GigaDevice leads the memory chip industry in the production of Non-Volatile  Memory (NVM) devices. GigaDevice also is a leading provider of high speed and low power NOR Flash memory  products.

GigaDevice adheres to strict guidelines for its operations: the company has been  accredited by SGS ISO9001 and ISO14001 since 2007. As a result, GigaDevice has achieved widespread customer satisfaction due to the high quality of its products and services. Additionally, more than half of the company's employees work in research and design, further ensuring quality and innovation among its product line.

GigaDevice products have a wide range of applications. Its SPI NOR Flash line has the advanced security features necessary for such products as DVD/CD drives, STB, DPF, desktop and laptop computers, WLAN, DSL, LCD monitors, and GPS.  The SPI NAND Flash products made by GigaDevice are used in cellular phones, data cards, STB, televisions.  Finally, its newest line of GD32™ Cortex™-M3 MCU is suitable for such applications as user interfaces, motor drives, alarm systems, touch panel screens, a variety of consumer handheld products.

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32mb SPI NOR Flash,1.65V-1.95V, SOIC-8 208mil


64mb SPI NOR IC FLASH, 1.65V-1.95V, WSON8 6x5mm


2mb SPI NOR IC FLASH, 2.3V-3.6V, SOIC-8-THIN 150mil