About Us

Founded in 1998, Treetop Technical Products has achieved persistent growth by adapting to advances in technology and by offering superior service to customers.

At Treetop, we have adopted a value-added approach that encompasses each sale from start to finish. By working with our customers to determine their requirements, we are able to centralize our operations around their exact needs and expectations. Ultimately, our goal is deliver the products and services that our customers demand, without exception.
Treetop has a simple philosophy: focus on acquiring the highest quality products while executing services at a fast pace. By ensuring that our products are of top quality, we enable our customers to be competitive in the worldwide marketplace. In addition, we have equipped our product design engineers with the technology necessary for fast turnaround, ultimately allowing our customers to save time and resources as well.
The team at Treetop has a diverse range of talents, ranging from our knowledgeable engineers to experienced sales representatives.  As a result, our customers receive full support for all of their needs, whether it is an engineering challenge or an inquiry about product stock. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your own questions or requests, as we are always eager to begin new customer relationships.
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Founded in 1998 & Still Growing
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