Treetop Technical Products

Treetop Technical Products is an authorized distributor of electronic and mechanical components focused on providing our customers with top notch, cost effective solutions. We pride ourselves in not only the carefully selected world class manufacturers, but also for the added value we provide. Our overall goal is to simplify and surpass the expectations of our customers.

       Line Card Includes

  • AFS – Fiber optic test equipment
  • Agizer – Fiber optic test equipment
  • Digital Power – Power supplies
  • Fitel – Fusion Splicers
  • Platinum Tools – High Quality Hand Tools
  • Ideal Industries
  • Fiberon
  • FiberFin

      Latest News

  • Treetop is pleased to announce the addition of digital power to our line card.
  • Treetop appoints Steve Markos as Executive Sales Manager.
  • Treetop now offers the latest is fiber optic technology.